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Payung Taman Jati Merah
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Specification of Payung Taman Jati Merah

Payung Taman Jati Merah

Garden umbrellas are commonly used

swimming pools, housing, hotels, and cafes

Umbrella Frame Made of

Original Quality Teak Export

In a set made up of

4 unit folding chair Load 200 Kg

Round Table diameter 1.20 M

Umbrella Cover

for Long Lasting quality can

using Sunbrella Cloth

Made in USA anti fade about 5 years

anti tear 20 years

and for standard quality as well

there is an option of using materials

PVC D300 fabric

For Umbrella Size

3 meters in diameter

Diameter 2.60 meters

Diameter 2.30 meters

And Custom can

for more info can contact directly

Prosperous Tents

Distributor Payung Taman Indonesia

Original Domestic Production

with very good quality

already exported to countries


Sri Lanka




and many other countries.

awaited Orderannya

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