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Promotion Umbrella 2.30 Honda
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04 Dec 2019
1 satuan

Specification of

Promotion Umbrella 2.30 Honda

Is a commonly used umbrella

for promotion of new products

and also often used street vendors

This umbrella is also categorized

Promotional Umbrella

for own materials can be custom

depending on the need

some use material

Flexi Korea 340 gram

full Digital Printing

this is usually for promotion or

commonly used for Caffe

and there is also a choice of ingredients

This PVC D420 is a regular

plain umbrella without branding

this is usual for order street vendors

the trade on the sidewalk

for available sizes

Diameter 2.30 M

Diameter 2 m

for more info can contact

Prosperous Tents

we offer with price

which is very affordable

also receive service umbrella

Wholesale and Enceran

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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